Placing a Model

Like with any building, an AR model needs to placed on a flat surface. This is an important step that's worth spending a little time getting right.

This How to will help you get the best out of using the Realar Places App and placing a model
  1. After selecting a model a bouncing red square will appear
  2. Using the red square slowly scan over a flat surface [1]
  3. Keep scanning backwards/forwards left/right until red square stops 'bouncing' and becomes solid
  4. Then simply tap where you would like the model placed (it will then % download if not done so already)
  5. A "dolls house" model will then appear together with the Trim Tools
  6. Use the Trim Tool wheels to refine both the height (Raise/Lower) and direction of the model (Rotate)
  7. Tap the X to close the window, other controls will then appear bottom left: Trim, Roof off, Change floors (if Multistory), Life-size.
  8. Tap and drag the placed dolls house model as required
  • If "drifting" happens, repeat from step #1 and pay special attention to scanning (even after red square goes solid)
  • Low light can be problematic so use additional lighting (even using iPad as a flat surface)
  • Be aware of slopes, drop-offs and any other site dangers
  • Realar Places is limited to Smartphone GPS accuracy is limited to around 1m or 3ft (use survey pegs for building envelope placements)