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How to get started

RealAR converts your 2D floorplan or 3D model into an  augmented reality 3D real size walkthrough.1) Go to ( Sign up for a plan ( and/or login ( Upload your flo...

How to upload models for conversion

Make sure you are subscribed to either our Starter or PRO Plans ( (for larger organisations contact our Enterprise Success Team ( Login in to either Realar Places mobile app or onl...

How do I login and see my models

If you received an email saying your model is ready you should start the Realar app and login. 1. Open the Realar Places App and then tap the options button in the top right 2. Login using the email address you signed up with.  If you signed up w...

How to login and see shared models

Sharing models is easy.Even if you haven't created your own floorplan or model they can be easily shared by simply adding Team Members to a model (see How to Share Models (

Placing a Model

Like with any building, an AR model needs to placed on a flat surface. This is an important step that's worth spending a little time getting right. This How to will help you get the best out of using the Realar Places App and placing a model Afte...

Adjusting Dolls House View

1. Use the Trim Tool wheels to refine both the height (Raise/Lower) and direction of the model (Rotate) 2. Tap the X to close the window, other controls will then appear bottom left: Trim, Roof off, Change floors (if Multistory), Life-size. 3. ...

Taking the Roof Off

1. Place model in position  2. Tap the middle icon located on the bottom right hand corner  3. Take a look inside

Go Real-Size

Whilst using the RealAR app, going Real-Size will allow you to enter a life-size 1:1 scale experience.1. Place ( model in position to see the Dolls House view ( 2. Tap t...

Navigating the Model

1. Go life size  2. Use the navigational map on the bottom left hand corner as a guide  3. Take your time to move throughout the model for a smooth and life like experience

How to increase to higher resolution (Hi-Res)

All our standard 2D floorplan and 3D model conversions are automated using the latest Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology. As both the RealAR platform and Augmented Reality improves, we will all see resolutions increase.However...

Cancel a subscription

Cancelling a subscription is very easy and can be done at anytime. Please also note you may also Pause your Subscription ( which unlike Cancelling stil...

Pausing a subscription

Pausing a subscription allows users to still see their models, but take a break from ongoing subscription billing.Users will still be able to see their already converted models (