2D conversions vs Hi-Res

Our standard 2D conversion uses Machine Learning to quickly and efficiently convert almost any floor plan into a life-sized AR walkthrough. This is allows users to very quickly understand layouts and aspects of their plans as well as quickly make changes seeing and/or comparing variations (i.e. it's better to make changes to plans and understand the changes than it is, for instance,  to knock down walls!). 

This means conversions are limited to the level of detail included in the floor plan, specifically:

  • No colours or textures, all surfaces will be light reflective and defaulted to grey
  • Unless detailed plan, a roof will not be added
  • 2 story plans will be converted into 2 seperate plans (no additional cost)

Protip: How to "HD" your 2D conversion.

Hi-Res formats are currently only offered through Pro and Enterprise Plans [1]. Unlike 2D conversions, Hi-Res is a manual (rather than automated) process. Hi-Res may be converted two ways: 

  1. Existing 3D models in most industry standard format whether in CAD or rendered photo-realism;  and
  2. Up-res your existing 2D floor-plan model conversion [2]

[1] If you are on a Starter Plan but would like to convert from 2D conversion to Hi-Res, please get in touch for additional pricing. All requests are POA. 

[2] Like all 2D to AR conversions, this is limited to the detail of the initial floor plan so accuracy can be limited to 98%.