Added models not appearing

Depending on the complexity of home design, 2D floor-plans (such as building approvals) can take between 2-24hrs and you will be notified as soon as it is ready. Also login to you will see the model status. If still cannot see your model after receiving notification and/or the Model status is "available in app", please then go to the Realar Places App > Logout > Clear Cache > Login. After a few moments the app will then sync (check connection if not) and your model will appear in the picker. 

More 3D complex models however take much longer. For faster conversion and performance we recommend reducing models to 100,000 polygons and under 100 Megs in project file size (mesh + textures) overall. You model should then appear in the main picker by Tapping left and right arrows to browse. 

Protip: you can check the status of your model conversion either through as well as email messages (check SPAM).